• The Importance of the Franchise Disclosure Agreement from a Long Island Franchise Attorney

    The bedrock of any franchise is the FDD or franchise disclosure agreement. This agreement is a 150 to 200 page document in which every detail and stipulation concerning owning a franchise is set forth. In addition to standard rules laid down by the state governing body, there are federal regulations set in place by the Federal Trade Commission or FTC. Then comes the key legal document from your chosen franchiser that you sign. These are complex documents with a knack for burying information that can come back to haunt the franchise owner. Read More

  • Construction Attorney NYC: All You Need To Know

    During the construction process, there are a lot of components that go into bringing the project to completion. There are multiple contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, owners, designers, architects, and more that can make the process possible. When you have so many individuals involved in a single project, there are increased chances for needing the expertise of a construction attorney NYC. Read More

  • Four Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Franchise Attorney NYC

    For those who are considering purchasing and owning a NYC franchise, there are a few things that need to be considered before signing on the dotted line. It is important to do your research to ensure that you know what exactly it is that you will be getting yourself into. If possible, talk to several current franchisees to get some of your burning questions answered. Have a business plan drawn up. Possibly visit, franchise headquarters. Once you’ve done your research and feel confident in making the leap into franchisee ownership, you’re almost there. You’ll have one more thing left to do, and it has to do with the legal aspect of owning a franchise. Read More

  • What You Need to Know Regarding Rental Agreements and Written Leases

    When researching for a new place to live, it is not uncommon to encounter various terms regarding real estate to rent. Landlords writing up contracts for their properties, would be well advised to consult with real estate lawyers NYC, to ensure that they are going to be protected and negotiating the correct contract. Two of the most common terms that most people do not understand, or know the difference, when it comes to real estate terms are: a rental agreement and a lease. Read More

  • Why Do You Need to Hire a Construction Attorney?

    Chances are if you regularly work in the construction industry, you’ve heard of a construction attorney. But do you know what they do exactly? There are a lot of hazards and restrictions that are associated with working construction that you’ll need to be aware of. A construction attorney NYC can help you navigate employment law, government contracts, and construction defects. An attorney will also be able to draw up contracts that protect you and ensure that you are following all guidelines.  Read More

  • What is the Difference Between Rent Control and Rent Stabilization?

    New York City tenants know just how expensive rent can be, and depending on the neighborhood you choose to live in, it can be even more expensive compared to other neighborhoods in the city. It is due to these astronomically high rent prices that rent regulations were established and put into place to protect the average New Yorker from being priced out of the rental market. Read More

  • Do I Need a Franchise Lawyer

    Individuals elect to buy into a NYC franchise for various reasons, such as being a business owner, having support from a franchisor, and filling the desire of an entrepreneurial spirit. These individuals are dedicated to putting in the time and money to ensure that their newly acquired franchise business succeeds. Add on the additional stress and time demands of reviewing contracts and legal analysis, and some business owners might not be able to handle it all. Read More

  • Tenants’ Rights: When to Hire a Landlord Tenant Lawyer NYC

As a housing tenant, the issues that you will face when renting are minor, and can easily be solved through a video tutorial, or reading a quick “how-to” article found online. Other issues that may arise can seriously threaten your ability to continue renting, or impact your enjoyment of your current rental altogether. With these types of situations, hiring a landlord tenant lawyer may be the most effective method to protect your rights as a tenant. Read More

Purchasing real estate is one of the largest financial investments that you can make. Whether it be a home for you and your family to live in or you’re a real estate investor looking to purchase rental property in New York City, having an experienced NYC real estate attorney to help you through the purchase process may prove to be very beneficial. Read More

The Benefits of an Experienced Long Island Real Estate Attorney

When taking into consideration the fundamental gains and potential losses of both a buyer and a seller, it is important to note that both parties have different objectives when entering into a binding transaction contract. A real estate purchase contract (REPC) or purchase agreement is the most important document corresponding to the transaction. Read More

Have You Decided to Hire a Construction Lawyer?

Taking the burden off of your shoulders, a quality construction attorney will prove to be a worthwhile investment. However, determining who to hire, is not always as simple as finding a framed certificate hanging on a wall.Read More

So you wish to become a property owner, that’s good. It’s good for you; after all, it’s the biggest financial investment one ever makes. Since it is the biggest financial decision, it requires proper guidance from some long island real estate lawyer too. Only a good real estate lawyer of long island can get you through this mammoth task. Read More

Managing a rental property is not an easy task. All the activities; from drafting lease agreement to documenting the eviction, need a Landlord-Tenant legal representative who can provide expertise in this field.
It’s a tricky job to search for and hire an expert Landlord-Tenant lawyer in Long Island and therefore here are few tips to be followed while doing the same . Read More

Finding a lawyer in a city like New York which is flooded with legal consultants can be stressful. More often it is difficult to differentiate between one attorney and the other, especially when you have no legal background. The increasing level of specialization in legal services has further complicated the situation. Read More

Paper work is one of the most imperative ways to record the essence of any dealings that a business gets into. And no one understands paper work better than a lawyer. People normally associate with lawyers or attorneys when they are in a situation in which speaking and arguing in court. Read More

“We need this two people at least once in our lifetime – a doctor and a lawyer” that’s a dialogue from a popular Hollywood flick. But the truth is we need their assistance much more often than that. Read More

Anyone looking for the servicers of a litigation attorney in NY has a long list of potential lawyers to consider. But finding the right law firm to handle a specific situation can be a daunting task as it plays a significant role in the outcome of the lawsuit. Read More

When you make a multimillion dollar business transaction, do you hire a family lawyer? Do you hire a construction attorney in New York to handle your business litigation issues? Read More

Incorporating any kind of business is not easy today. No matter if you are planning to start a construction business, are planning to buy just a small franchise, in any case, you will have to comply with certain legal obligations. Read More

Lawyers are people who are well-versed in the constitution of a country and the laws of the region of their practice. Since laws are supposed to be adhered to in all situations, someone faulting the other where a law is broken requires the interference of judicial bodies to impose punishment. Read More

Have you reached the finish line in your franchise business exploration? Are you on the verge where your yes or no decision on a particular franchise opportunity is imminent? If so, you must read this …. Read More

A construction attorney deals with various real estate issues and many of them are experts in landlord-tenant laws. While most of the issues that you face are quite minor after all and hence do not require much seriousness of dealing. Sadly, not all of these cases are the same. So when is the best time to hire an attorney? Here below are some such situations. Read More

Construction properties and building projects are repeatedly riddled with a threat that is sometimes very vast and difficult to handle. This is mainly because lot many of people are associated and involved completely in new construction projects. And this gamut of people makes the construction process tough, further making it difficult to pay the compensation to the right person. Read More

By definition a real estate attorney is a specialist on the legal sides of various real estate transactions like investment properties, commercial leases, residential rentals etc. and if you are looking to work with a real estate lawyer in NYC, make sure that he is a specialist in residential real estate transactions as well as in preparing and approving contracts, reviewing the rules etc. Read More

One of the most powerful ways of becoming a business owner with guaranteed success is taking up a franchise of an existing brand. It can be considered as an easy route because you are purchasing an already established business model, with ready-made services or products that already enjoy market recognition and demand. Read More

Landlord-Tenant relationship is full of contradictions and they are usually found to be at logger heads. It is true that there are some examples of exceptional congenial relationship between the tenant and the landlord, but they are only to prove the general law. The law has its own interpretations for every issue between a landlord and his tenant for which the best thing is to simply depend on your lawyer. Read More

Though we try to avoid falling in legal situations, there are times in life when we are thrown into it. Litigation is such a law area where the lawyer has to be an expert in some particular field. When hiring your lawyer, you have to inquire whether the lawyer you select, has the requisite experience or not. Read More

Commercial and residential real estate properties are in absolute demand in any urban place, be it New York or Washington DC. With the overflow of population into urban centers in search of work and life, these properties are becoming rare to find and can be most closely defined as a ‘prized catch’. Read More