Defining A Lawyer

“We need this two people at least once in our lifetime – a doctor and a lawyer” that’s a dialogue from a popular Hollywood flick. But the truth is we need their assistance much more often than that.

Let’s bail out the doctor here and just talk about a lawyer, or popularly called as an attorney. When the term lawyer is used, the first picture which pops up in our mind is that of a person with grey hair and dressed in formals, trying to get you out of jail; isn’t it? Yes, they do that too, but that’s not all they do. Let’s have a look on the dictionary definition of a lawyer.

Lawyer (noun): a person who practices a set of rules framed by the legislature.

So, apart from criminal matters, there are other matters too which require an expert who knows all the rules, and that expert happens to be a lawyer or an attorney. Many situations which involve a legal dispute or a deal, you may not want to take a chance by acting without proper advice. For instance, you want to make a real estate transaction. Buying or selling a property involves a lot of legal complications, which a common man is generally not aware of. If you ignore laws, you may end up in legal detention. To avoid that, you should consult a real estate lawyer or a landlord tenant lawyer in NYC before cracking the deal; or prior to start any construction on your property, you should hire a construction attorney to help you cope with municipal obligations and rules.

It’s not that you need a lawyer every time, fighting a speeding ticket or small court appearances are some examples.

Necessity Of A Franchise Lawyer

Paper work is one of the most imperative ways to record the essence of any dealings that a business gets into. And no one understands paper work better than a lawyer. People normally associate with lawyers or attorneys when they are in a situation in which speaking and arguing in court. Little does the common men know that the notices, drafting replies, preparing suits – all are an integral part of legal process and you will require the support of a litigation attorney in all these aspects.

In today’s world, taking up a franchise is the easiest way to start a business. Therefore, you have Franchise lawyers who specialize only in this particular field of work. Going ahead with the business without the guidance and support of a legal advisor is equivalent to a sin. You are seriously jeopardising the sanctity of your business by doing so.

The practitioner specialises in all the aspects of dealing with a franchise.Drafting of an agreement for the purpose of the master franchisees and similarly tailoring it to fit a particular franchisor – this requires expert legal knowledge. Further challenges come in the form of individual franchisor set ups or the businesses that are created on a partnership basis.

The most tricky part handled by the New York franchise lawyer is the financial section drafting. The profit sharing percentage, the interval of payment, the time limit for such payment and the mode of payment all needs to be chalked out. The drafting should be crystal clear so as to have no ambiguity. It is also imperative to include the points which need to be settled in case of a fall-out in the future thereby avoiding any scope for litigation.

How To Pick Up A Real Estate Attorney In New York City

Finding a lawyer in a city like New York which is flooded with legal consultants can be stressful. More often it is difficult to differentiate between one attorney and the other, especially when you have no legal background. The increasing level of specialization in legal services has further complicated the situation. Earlier it was sufficient to hire the services of a general lawyer who provided a broad range of legal services. These days, there is a different attorney for different issues. A real estate attorney, Franchise attorney, landlord tenant attorney, construction attorney to name a few

So how do you choose the best real estate attorney? Well here are a few basic tips that can help you in selecting one:


Be sure that the lawyer under consideration has ample experience in dealing with legal issues in real estate. It is also important to ensure he has sufficient trial experience as well as many of the lawyers don’t actually run arguments in court.


Researching on past work of the attorney is also very necessary. This can be done by checking with previous clients, colleagues and even judges.


It is important to ensure that the lawyer you are considering to hire has graduated from a recognized law school. For real estate attorney in NYC, the American Bar association maintains a list of law schools which is available on its website as well.


Hiring Legal services in New York City can be an expensive affair with legal fee running to hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Most of the prestigious law firms are too costly for an average person. However local judges and attorneys can give reference of real estate attorneys that charge affordable fees.

It is important to be fully informed before selecting an attorney.