Why You Should Hire A Construction Litigation Attorney

A construction litigation attorney, also known as construction litigators or trial lawyers, assists and represents subcontractors, suppliers, contractors and other construction professionals. A common legal issue that arises during construction projects is a failure to pay for the work performed or contractors in payment bond claims. An experienced construction litigation attorney can evaluate your case to ensure a successful handling of disputes in a timely and effective manner.

Here are some specific strategies that a construction litigation attorney can utilize to assist contractors:

1. Assisting with Construction Proposals

A construction litigation lawyer can help with requests for bidding proposals, assist in contract interpretations, and protect payments following the proposals. Having a lawyer during a construction proposal process can maximize the impact of each section within the proposal and many disputes can be resolved through either alternative dispute resolution or settlement, rather than costly litigation.

2. Manage Construction Defects, Delays, or Fines

Construction defects, delays, or fines can be complex due to the clauses in construction proposals. Hiring a construction litigation attorney can alleviate a lot of the underlying concerns of construction sites for both public and private projects. Any material deficiencies, specification problems, or workmanship deficiencies will be addressed.

3. Negligent Design

If there are any areas of concern that may affect the owners and tenants of existing and new properties, a litigation attorney may be necessary to ensure the structural integrity of the design. Additionally, the litigation attorney is knowledgeable in the building codes, environmental requirements, and possible deficiencies of the building.

4. Appeal

A construction litigation attorney can recommend a variety of post-trial motions, identify the issues for an appeal, gather evidence to present oral arguments in court, and more. Alternative dispute methods, settlement conferences, or agreements may also play an important role in the settlements or the appeal process.

For more information about why you should hire a construction litigation attorney, please contact Warren S. Dank for legal counsel.

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