Mr. Dank was not my first call when I started looking for an attorney, but he proved to be the last. I was in a tiresome situation with a rental property I had, and needed someone to be fast, efficient, and driven to mitigate. Warren managed to listen to all of my concerns and issues, advise me on the next steps, and handle the situation from day one.  He made it look easy, and I had been fighting the good fight for over a year. Originally I was under the impression the contracts I was signing were in place to protect me, novice mistake. Pre-formatted contracts don’t really protect anyone, they are a formality. Having it addressed with a legal professional before there is ink on the paper is the only way to go.

Steve Krenshaw, New York City

Warren, I can’t thank you enough for your help with our franchise issues. We could have lost everything if we hadn’t utilized your expertise. You were courteous and kind and helped in more ways than you know. Thank you for helping us to sleep at night knowing we made the right steps in the franchise process.

Mindy Lock, Long Island

No one loves their attorney. No one. Except for me at this point. I own a construction company in New York City, doing renovation work and needed help with negotiation on a final payment owed to me. Warren made sure that the final decision was fair and profitable for me, but took into consideration all aspects of the deal and sought out resolution long before the issue got out of hand. Thank you for your help.

Harold Butenstater, New York City

It has been a true pleasure working with you. You are a true professional and very efficient. The previous lawyer told me there was no way I would be able to sell and close on both properties before the end of 2018. Well we worked together to prove him wrong!

Thanks again for everything.

Carolyn, New Jersey

I wish I could pay you more because you were a great attorney, honest, fair, hardworking and very transparent which we all enjoyed.  As long as the company is still in business you have a client for life.

Derrick F.