Practice Areas

Representation in court by a counselor who is experienced and on top of his game is one of the first things needed to win your case. If you are right and you want justice to be done, then you need to make sure that you have hired a lawyer who can raise his voice in your support. Such exceptional legal services are provided by Warren S Dank, Esq. in the following areas:

Commercial and Residential Real Estate:
Whether it the sale or purchase of any property the right legal advice can help you save a lot of your hard earned money by closing all the loopholes in the agreement.

Commercial and Civil Litigation:
Whether it is a breach of contract or a case of fraud, the right representation in court can mean the difference between defeat and victory.

Construction Litigation:
Our world of experience in dealing with the sundry legal construction problems will ensure that you are not cheated on any front and you don’t lose money.

Landlord and Tenant:
Disputes between landlords and tenants are very common; to win in court it is important that you have an iron clad case and that will become possible only when you consult with a professional.