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From the ratification of the contract to the final closing, Warren S. Dank, Esq., P.C. guides clients in every step of their residential real estate transactions. Through each phase of the transaction, we knowledgeably direct clients through complications that sometimes arise and require contract renegotiation, adjusted timetables, extended closings, or legal action for breach of contract

Buyers or sellers of residential real estate properties find the firm to be a reliable advocate who understands both the legal code pertaining to real estate transactions, and the market dynamics that directly affect the clients the firm represents. Our firm has guided first-time buyers and sellers through the maze of deadlines and paperwork that is inherent in real estate transactions, taking care to explain confusing terminology and to answer questions that arise. Repeat home buyers or sellers—whether they are upgrading, downsizing, or purchasing a second home —find Warren S. Dank, Esq., P.C. competent and efficient representation and guidance invaluable.


Drafting, Review and Negotiation of Contracts of Sale and Representing You Throughout the Transaction

Like a number of industries, the real estate sector is loaded with legal jargon. Unless you work with real estate contracts regularly, it is difficult to wade through these documents and fully understand the obligations of the parties in a real estate transaction.

When we represent a Purchaser (buyer) of real estate, our services generally include:

  • Reviewing the contract of sale (usually prepared by the seller’s attorney) and negotiating the terms of the contract of sale to best protect the buyer
  • Ordering a title search and reviewing the title report to ensure, among other things, (i) that the necessary permits or certificates of occupancy are in place for the structure and any improvements made to the property, (ii) to be aware of any liens or judgments against the seller or the premises (all of which would need to be satisfied at closing) and (iii) confirm all property taxes have been paid
  • When requested, communicating with your lender to coordinate the overall transaction and
  • Appearing with you at the closing of title at which time we will go over and explain the various transfer documents, loan documents (when obtaining a mortgage loan) and ensuring that the overall transaction goes smoothly.

Similarly, when we represent a Seller of real estate, our services include:

  • Preparing the contract of sale and negotiating the terms of the contract with the purchaser’s attorney
  • Reviewing the title report (provided by purchaser) to advise seller as to any potential title issues (e.g. liens and judgments against the property, unpaid property taxes and missing or open permits). Where necessary, we will work with the client to clear these title impediments prior to closing.
  • Coordinating lien or judgment payoffs with creditors and
  • Preparing the necessary transfer documents (e.g. deed, real property transfer report) and appearing on your behalf at the closing of title

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