Our Firm

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Warren S. Dank, Esq. owned several restaurant franchise businesses for 15 years and knows exactly what type of legal representation owners, developers and clients need and expect to grow their businesses.  Mr. Dank’s business experience sets him far apart from other attorneys and law firms who lack his business experience.  He always puts the clients’ interests first and handles each case as if he is the client.

Mr. Dank has a proven track record of going up against major retailers to ensure that consumers are not deceived by their deceptive business practices and has successfully defeated one major retailer from deceiving consumers with their advertised Price Match Policy.

He also has a proven track record of protecting consumers by ensuring that insurance companies adequately reimburse them for property damage related claims under their insurance policy.

Mr. Dank has years of experience prosecuting and defending various commercial and civil litigation actions in state and federal courts relating to commercial and residential real estate; landlord and tenant; breach of contract; partnership disputes; shareholder disputes, fraud; consumer protection; negligence; property damage and construction-related issues.
He has experience in prosecuting and defending yellowstone injunctions and preliminary injunctions on behalf of landlords and tenants.

Mr. Dank is a renowned commercial and residential landlord-tenant attorney in  NYC area.  He also represents co-ops, condo boards, and tenants in their disputes over rent charges, maintenance charges, lease violations, rent regulated issues concerning illegal subletting, non-primary residence and rent overcharges; nuisance and other related issues.

He also has years of legal experience handling commercial and residential real estate matters relating to the sale or purchase of a residential property, co-op or condo; and/or sale or purchase of a commercial property or retail business.

Mr. Dank can also assist clients with a full range of transactional and corporate matters.  This includes formation of limited liability companies, partnerships, and corporations and preparing corporate documents; operating agreements; shareholder agreements; partnership agreements and management agreements.  He has particular expertise in negotiating commercial leases on behalf of landlords and tenants tailoring the leases to the needs of a restaurant or retail business.  Mr. Dank also has expertise in drafting and negotiating franchise agreements and related corporate documents on behalf of restaurant franchisees.

He has handled hundreds of cases in state and federal courts in New York and New Jersey, including jury, non-jury trials as well as arbitrations, and has argued appeals in state court.