Commercial & Civil Litigation

Through the years, we have built up valuable experience in executing commercial and civil litigation cases, including highly technical cases associated with business and residential real estate and involving various parties; the landlord or homeowner, the tenant or occupant, breach of contractual terms, partnership issues (that could potentially lead to dissolution), shareholder disputes, fraud and fund embezzlement, consumer protection, negligence and construction-related cases. We are also vastly experienced in prosecuting (and also defending, depending on the case) Yellowstone injunctions and preliminary injunctions on the behalf of landlords and tenants who are our clients.

We have built a strong reputation over the years in facing major retailers head-on in order to see to the fact that the general public is not swayed and misled by their deceptive tactics and business techniques and we successfully came out on top against a major retailer when they tried to swindle the public with their advertised Price Match Policy.

We have also achieved recognition for providing our customers with maximum protection by seeing that they are adequately compensated by their insurance providers in the event of property damage or other claims that may be associated with their insurance policy.

Our in-house litigator has handled a plethora of cases, both in state and federal courts in New York and New Jersey. These cases include jury and non-jury trials as well as arbitrations. He has also successfully urged appeals in the state court.

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