Landlord Tenant Attorney

Warren S. Dank, Esq., P.C. provides legal representation to one of the largest commercial and residential homeowners in the New York City area. We also offer representation to co-ops, condo boards and occupants while settling their disputes over the accommodation charges, home maintenance costs, lease violations, rent control issues pertaining to illegal subletting, non primary accommodation and the overcharging of rent, nuisance constitution and other associated issues.

Our landlord and tenant lawyer in New York City also has an enviable repertoire of experience in prosecuting and defending Yellowstone injunctions and preliminary injunctions on behalf of landlords and tenants alike.

On the behalf of landlords and tenants, we appear very frequently before the New York City Civil Court and New York State Supreme Court.

To come to a full knowledge of our firm, what we stand for and to find out how to hire the most experienced and effective landlord tenant attorney in the New York City area, Contact us today and let’s get started.