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Finding a lawyer in a city like New York which is flooded with legal consultants can be stressful. More often it is difficult to differentiate between one attorney and the other, especially when you have no legal background. The increasing level of specialization in legal services has further complicated the situation. Earlier it was sufficient to hire the services of a general lawyer who provided a broad range of legal services. These days, there is a different attorney for different issues. A real estate attorney, Franchise attorney, landlord tenant attorney, construction attorney to name a few

So how do you choose the best real estate attorney? Well here are a few basic tips that can help you in selecting one:


Be sure that the lawyer under consideration has ample experience in dealing with legal issues in real estate. It is also important to ensure he has sufficient trial experience as well as many of the lawyers don’t actually run arguments in court.


Researching on past work of the attorney is also very necessary. This can be done by checking with previous clients, colleagues and even judges.


It is important to ensure that the lawyer you are considering to hire has graduated from a recognized law school. For real estate attorney in NYC, the American Bar association maintains a list of law schools which is available on its website as well.


Hiring Legal services in New York City can be an expensive affair with legal fee running to hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Most of the prestigious law firms are too costly for an average person. However local judges and attorneys can give reference of real estate attorneys that charge affordable fees.

It is important to be fully informed before selecting an attorney.