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By definition a real estate attorney is a specialist on the legal sides of various real estate transactions like investment properties, commercial leases, residential rentals etc. and if you are looking to work with a real estate lawyer in NYC, make sure that he is a specialist in residential real estate transactions as well as in preparing and approving contracts, reviewing the rules etc. Depending upon your exact requirement, a New York lawyer for real estate transactions can help you in various tasks like creating, reviewing and also negotiating the sales contract while buying a new home; oversee the entire home buying process, ensuring legal compliance of all the terms and conditions in the contract and many other things.

It is true that we must seek expert legal assistance whenever the situation demands but you also need to understand that you will have little time available to look for and find a good litigation attorney in New York, as such problems characteristically demand urgent attention. It is always recommended that you find your legal assistance beforehand so that when the real problems arrive you find yourself ready to tackle them with expert knowledge. You can take recommendations from friends, coworkers and trusted professionals for hiring the best real estate or construction or landlord tenant lawyer in NYC as per your exact requirement. Expert legal service in New York can be expensive and before you hire a lawyer for assistance, make sure that you are aware of the hourly rate or other fees for the services he will provide you.