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Landlord-Tenant relationship is full of contradictions and they are usually found to be at logger heads. It is true that there are some examples of exceptional congenial relationship between the tenant and the landlord, but they are only to prove the general law. The law has its own interpretations for every issue between a landlord and his tenant for which the best thing is to simply depend on your lawyer.

What may be the issues?

  • For some reason the landlord may try to evict you. Your residential real estate lawyer will find many valid points for fighting the issue in the court of law.
  • The house may require repairs that the landlord is not undertaking. Under the supervision of your lawyer you may with hold the payment of rent in accordance with the provision of the agreement. Your lawyer will have the rent paid into some account till the repair is over and deduct the same from the rent.

The rent can also be with held only to pressure the landlord for doing the repair job. The rent is to be paid after the repair is done.

  • In the absence of a lawyer, the landlord may resort to illegal ways for evicting you from the house. Such illegal tricks can be changing the lock, turning off the electricity or packing up all belongings etc. Your residential real estate lawyer will protect you from such harassments.
  • There can be cases of racial discriminations against you, due to pets and other issues. All discriminations, if proved in the court of law, are illegal and a punishable offense.

Choosing your residential real estate lawyer is as important as choosing a good location and apartment. Legal experts, like Warren S. Dank, Esq., P.C. are experts in the area and help you with all your Landlord-Tenant related complications.