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Commercial and residential real estate properties are in absolute demand in any urban place, be it New York or Washington DC. With the overflow of population into urban centers in search of work and life, these properties are becoming rare to find and can be most closely defined as a ‘prized catch’. Everyone wants a piece out of this pie. Be it for residential purpose or commercial, everyone wants to lease/ own a piece of land in these urban centers.

More than the challenge of finding a place as per your requirements, the bigger challenge lies in the legit transaction of the lease/ the sale. When one is leasing/ buying from a stranger or leasing out/ selling to a stranger and when there is a large amount of money involved or the safety of the property involved, it is not easy to trust or be sure. Especially with the kind of fraud incidents being reported every day, one feels helpless and clueless about the lease or the sale.

What is the solution?

A commercial and residential real estate lawyer! Yes, legal help for legal transactions. A legal expert in the area can take care of all the forms, drafting of agreements, legal stamping of the agreements and help close the deal legally. The legal expert helps in securing the rights of both the seller and the buyer and ensures that all the legal requirements are met.

How to choose an expert?

There are many commercial and residential real estate lawyers who deal with the lease/ sale of properties ranging from a condo to a store. A Google search with the area name or recommendations from friends and neighbors can help a lot. Read a lot of reviews before hiring a specialist. Law firms like Warren S. Dank, Esq., P.C. in NYC, have been dealing exclusively with these types of litigations and their expertise in the area is something their clients can vouch for.