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Though we try to avoid falling in legal situations, there are times in life when we are thrown into it. Litigation is such a law area where the lawyer has to be an expert in some particular field. When hiring your lawyer, you have to inquire whether the lawyer you select, has the requisite experience or not. Civil and Construction Litigation, for example, deal with cases related to landlord and tenant, fraud, breach of contract, partnership dispute, consumer protection, construction issues like design defect, construction defect, project delays etc.

What does the litigation lawyer do for you?

Your litigation lawyer has the requisite license for taking your lawsuit through the stringent procedures of the court of law. Sometimes the case is even sorted out through mediation and out-of-court settlement under the supervision of the lawyer. These are completely grey areas for the common people and it is wise to depend solely on the lawyers.

Your lawyer will take care of all the things from start to finish. He will have the initial assessment and scan through the evidences for or against you. He will interview the witnesses, make requisite documents, have all the required forms and investigate the case collecting all the facts and figures.

After fully preparing the various aspects of the case he will file the suit in the court of law. He will argue and defend the case on behalf of you in the court of law. Finally, your lawyer will get you the prized favor.

Whom to hire?

Many law firms boast of the expertise in the civil and construction litigation area and these are the ones you should look for, when in a legal entangle concerning real estate and/ or construction. Firms like Warren S. Dank, Esq., P.C. are highly recommended for their expertise and an excellent track record in this area.