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construction attorney NYC

Chances are if you regularly work in the construction industry, you’ve heard of a construction attorney. But do you know what they do exactly? There are a lot of hazards and restrictions that are associated with working construction that you’ll need to be aware of. A construction attorney NYC can help you navigate employment law, government contracts, and construction defects. An attorney will also be able to draw up contracts that protect you and ensure that you are following all guidelines. They will also be able to effectively represent you in court if needed.

When do you need a construction attorney?

There are several instances in which it will be in your best interest to have a construction attorney. For example, if you’re hoping to work on a landscape design and change your outside space, your neighbours might want to take legal action and you will need to be able to respond to this in order to fight for the changes you would like. These instances include:

  • Needing a new permit
  • Needing to create a new legal document, especially a contract
  • Needing to hold a town hearing
  • Are having a dispute with employee/employer
  • Needing to file a lawsuit or have a lawsuit filed against you
  • Worried about an environmental regulation
  • Starting a new project, and needing to be sure that you are following all local and federal building regulations

If you have any questions or concerns about the process, having an attorney who can explain the process and put your concerns to rest can prove to be very beneficial.

What to expect when working with a construction attorney.

When working with a construction attorney, the outcome will be determined by what it is exactly that you have hired an attorney to do for you. If you have hired a construction attorney NYC to draft up a document or contract, or are receiving legal advice on regulations, you can expect your attorney to provide you with confidence that your business transaction is legal, and you fully understand what is expected of you. If your case goes to trial, having a construction attorney representing you, doesn’t mean that you will automatically win your case. Although, having an attorney to represent you will provide you with the benefit of their expert knowledge about the law and court procedures.

If you are looking for a construction attorney in NYC, contact Warren S. Dank, ESQ., P.C. With years of experience in representing various aspects of construction law. Warren S. Dank knows NYC construction law and can provide you with the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you are accurately represented.

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