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Purchasing commercial real estate requires a great deal of commitment. Before moving forward with negotiations, consider hiring a commercial real estate lawyer. Many states require the involvement of such attorneys. Treat a sizable investment with the care it deserves by seeking the correct lawyer for your case. Below are some tips on how to hire the best commercial real estate attorney.

Research the Firm’s Experience

Ask the lawyer about the firm’s experience with commercial real estate. Choose a firm with the right kind of experience. A firm with a history in commercial real estate is preferable. Attorneys are accustomed to providing this information, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Check References

Any reputable representative will freely provide references. Ask the reference anything, regardless of how relevant it may seem. Many prospective clients inquire about billing transparency and accuracy. Many firms offer highlighted testimonials, but these are often written only by highly satisfied customers. Online reviews may more accurately represent the firm’s overall efficacy.

Make a Connection

Reputation and experience indicate a firm’s ability to perform. Connecting with an attorney is also important. The right lawyer will possess some degree of personal compatibility. Choose somebody who is pleasant to work with. Also consider other individuals who will be handling the case, such as paralegals, and ensure their practices and personalities are agreeable. 

Understand the Cost

Completely understanding the billing components can help clients determine the overall cost of service and eliminate future surprises. Some attorneys accept one fee to cover the entire case. Others prefer an hourly rate. Certain services (such as consultations, contract drafting, or negotiations) may have fees attached. Choose the best billing structure by estimating how much time the lawyer will use, along with any additional fees. 

Buyers often benefit from hiring commercial real estate attorneys. Choosing the best attorney provides peace of mind and can save money during negotiations. Each law firm is somewhat unique, as is each legal team. The right lawyer will have proper skills and relevant experience. A personal connection will aid in creating a smooth process. Contact Warren S. Dank today for a free commercial real estate consultation and to discover if we’re the right fit for you.