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Franchises offer business opportunities with an already-established brand. Becoming a franchisee is a significant and exciting venture. As with any decision, there are associated risks and benefits. At some point, a potential franchisee begins to wonder if and when to seek out legal aid. Below is a guide to help inform potential franchisees concerning franchise legal services.

What Franchise Lawyers Do

New franchisees must understand and sign numerous documents, including a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which often consists of 200 pages (or more) of legal jargon. An attorney can assist in deciphering these documents. A franchise lawyer, being familiar with many caveats of these contracts, can assess the flexibility and liberties the franchisor is allowing compared with competing franchisors.

Once the FDD is accepted, both parties are to sign the Franchise Agreement. Many franchisors claim that the terms are non-negotiable, though this may not always be true. An experienced franchise attorney understands which points can and cannot be negotiated. Legal help can also shape the document to provide as many rights as possible for franchisees.

Cost and Convenience

Selecting an attorney requires time and research. Investing some energy into finding the right attorney will significantly decrease the amount of effort needed to navigate the purchasing process. A franchise lawyer may save franchisees enough in franchise fees and royalties to cover the attorney fees. A well-negotiated contract will reduce hassle for several years to come.

When becoming a franchisee, many individuals wonder if and when to hire a franchise attorney. The answer to that question is a resounding, “Now.” Franchise lawyers ensure clients are being treated fairly by franchisors, both in expenses and regulations. In addition, hiring an attorney can save time and provide peace of mind when sifting through legal jargon and procedures. Avoid mistakes by securing legal representation with Warren S. Dank right away. Contact us today for a free consultation.