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What does a franchise lawyer do? 

The job of a franchise lawyer is to give advice and represent people or businesses regarding legal problems that will involve either franchising a business or filing and renewing franchise disclosure document (FDD) registrations. They also might assist in lawsuits involving the franchisor and the franchisee relationship. The main role of these attorneys depends on whether they represent the franchisee or the franchisor. When a franchise attorney represents the company that offers and sells franchises, the attorney will give advice that is related to registering and issuing a document called a franchise disclosure document, and they will prepare the franchise agreements. 

What are the franchise laws?

The laws that govern a franchise are a combination of both state and federal rules and regulations that govern the sale and offer of franchises and the relationship between both the franchisee and the franchisor. Past the state level, into the federal level, an entity called the FTC has issued a new rule that requires the business that franchises to disclose a document called a pre-sale disclosure document. On a state level, there are some states that use franchise regulations and laws that use these federal requirements and impose further disclosure obligations on franchisers.

What is the franchise lawyer’s experience? 

Inside the industry of franchise lawyers there is not a fixed protocol that qualifies one to become a franchise lawyer. The ability and experience of these attorneys depends on their own experience and dedication to franchising. It is vital to choose a franchise lawyer that is an expert in franchise law and is continuously involved in the community. Also, be sure to consider other client references and reviews.

Discover the right structure that fits your needs. 

The most prevalent pricing structure that determines fees within the legal industry is hourly based. Within the franchise industry, many franchise attorneys and law firms will offer a fixed fee based on the project. It is recommended to use fixed fees instead of hourly fees for projects that are specialized such as negotiating and reviewing franchise agreements and FDD development. Take the time and find the right fit for you. It will end up being beneficial in the long run.

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