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The Makings of a Successful Real Estate Litigation Attorney

What makes a successful real estate litigation attorney is a question often asked by clients seeking representation for commercial and residential legal issues. There are several aspects of great legal representation to consider.


Successful real estate lawyers are committed to providing the best outcomes for their clients while treating each case with sensitivity. The client should always be the top priority and dedication is one of the qualities that makes them effective.

Practice Area Specific Knowledge

Successful real estate litigation law firms may have experience and knowledge in the following:

  • Commercial real estate
  • Residential real estate
  • Foreclosure litigation

Moreover, they should understand these legal areas in the context of their practice region. For example, commercial and residential real estate laws may be different and/or more complicated in heavily populated areas like Long Island and New York City.

Extensive Prosecuting Experience

A successful real estate lawyer has likely spent years focusing on commercial and civil litigation cases. Because of this, they are familiar with breach of contract actions, deed disputes, zoning laws, and more.

Aside from that, a lawyer or attorney can only succeed if he can manage their finances properly. Since individual attorneys require unique banking products, financial institutions that provide specific services such as banking for attorneys may assist them in developing capital solutions to meet the firm’s and client’s needs.

They Understand Commercial Real Estate and Residential Real Estate

With a knowledge of commercial real estate, a successful attorney will have experience that includes financing and construction. Their diverse background should also include homeowner association plans as well as leasing. Through their work, a successful attorney develops relationships with important figures engaged in the communities of real estate development, title insurance, and lending.

Within the field of residential real estate, they’ll know that sometimes issues may involve contract renegotiation, adjusted timetables, extended closings or legal action for breach of contract. Knowing the legal codes and market dynamics may be the mark of a successful attorney in this field. They’ll be able to meander through real estate terminology and help their clients understand the important issues involved. Moreover, they should be a strong advocate for their clients when facing real estate transaction litigation.

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