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Here is Why You Need a Residential Real Estate Attorney

When you are in the market for a house, a law firm specializing in residential real estate, such as Warren S. Dank, Esq., P.C. is there to protect your interests in the transaction. There are numerous things that could arise to either sidetrack the transaction or create unexpected costs. Your lawyer will look out for you when these issues become legal matters. New York laws do not require a real estate lawyer for a transaction but having a real estate lawyer in your corner can be especially beneficial.

The Attorney Helps with the Sales Process

In a residential real estate transaction, there is an entire sales process that must be followed. This will include documentation, reviewing the title, and working out any differences between the buyer and seller. All of this must be done before the parties close on the transaction. Each of these can sink a transaction or put the buyer in a worse position when not performed correctly.

When you are buying a home, there will be plenty of paperwork to read over and approve, such as purchase agreements, transfer agreements, and mortgage documents. The first thing that an attorney will do is review these documents to look for any issues. All of these documents can be binding contracts, so it is smart to have a real estate lawyer approve the documents before you sign. 

The Lawyer Can Help Negotiate the Contract

A real estate deal is an in-depth and complex contract between the buyer and seller. As with any transaction, you need protection before you sign a binding document. There may be disputes between the buyer and seller about the terms of the contract. As a buyer, you need someone to advise you about what the contract says and the terms that you need to look out for to protect your interests.

Even before you close the contract, there could be disputes that have the potential to lead to litigation between you and the seller. Your real estate attorney could help resolve these disputes and negotiate on your behalf. In this way, hiring a residential real estate lawyer could actually reduce the chance that you may end up in court.

Call a residential real estate attorney to learn more about how an attorney can benefit you in your next real estate transaction.