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For business owners, the threat of having to deal with a lawsuit is very real. According to the Small Business Administration, between 36 percent and 53 percent of small businesses are sued each year and about 43 percent have at least been threatened with legal action. Employing a commercial and civil litigation attorney helps to prevent lawsuits and can protect you if you are sued.

A commercial litigation attorney can represent your business in any financial dispute. These kinds of suits don’t generally involve criminal charges, so they are heard in Civil Courts as opposed to Criminal Courts. Some examples of the kinds of cases that commercial and civil litigation lawyers handle include landlord/tenant disagreements, employment issues, financial discrepancies, personal injury claims, and real estate disputes.

The benefits of hiring a commercial litigation attorney include:

  1. Having Your Rights Protected – An attorney can guide you through the entire process of filing, handling, or fighting a lawsuit with your best interests in mind.
  2. Being Represented in Court – Navigating a court proceeding without the help of a lawyer is difficult. Without a commercial litigation lawyer, there’s a good chance that you could lose your case. Plaintiffs have the burden of providing evidence to substantiate their claims and defendants must show that they are not guilty. In either case, an attorney has the expertise to prepare, present, and argue the positions in court much more effectively.
  3. Presenting the Right Evidence in Court – A commercial and civil litigation attorney knows what courts consider to be documentation of wrongdoing as opposed to frivolous claims. The lawyer can also determine if expert witnesses will be useful to the case.
  4. Receiving Proper Compensation – If you are going to court to fight for what is due to you, you need to know how much to fight for. A skilled attorney can evaluate the damages and tell you how much your case is worth.
  5. Fair Negotiating – It’s not uncommon for an insurance company to offer you less than you deserve. A knowledgeable commercial litigation lawyer can represent you in negotiations to be certain that you are treated in a just and equitable manner.
  6. Greater Peace of Mind and Assurance – When facing a lawsuit, you may have to deal with unfriendly or even hostile individuals representing the opposing side. Having a commercial and civil litigation lawyer handle things for you and give you competent advice can make all the difference in helping you to get through the process.

No one wants to face the possibility of being sued or having to file a lawsuit, but it has become an ominous feature of the modern-day business landscape. You can hedge some of your risk by being prepared and having an experienced commercial and civil litigation lawyer from Warren S. Dank, Esq., P.C. on your side.