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When confronted with a litigation lawsuit, choosing an attorney with the right knowledge and experience is essential. A civil litigation case involves a private individual bringing a complaint, or filing a lawsuit, against another private citizen for a perceived loss or wrongdoing. These are the kinds of cases that litigation attorneys handle. Litigation lawyers can represent either the plaintiff (the person who filed the complaint) or the defendant (the person accused of the wrongdoing). The litigation attorney seeks to resolve the differences between the two parties. This resolution can take many forms and can be agreed to by the parties without the express consent of the court.

Litigation attorneys handle three major types of actions, which include commercial, construction, and commercial foreclosure lawsuits.

Commercial Litigation Lawyer

The point of commercial litigation is to pursue a legal action for any breaches involving a business relationship. These can include contract disputes or breach of contract claims, shareholder issues, intellectual property infringement, and failure to uphold fiduciary responsibilities. When looking for a commercial litigation attorney, it’s beneficial to find one that has experience with both jury and non-jury trials as well as arbitrations.

Construction Litigation Lawyer

Construction litigation lawsuits arise when a construction company and client cannot agree to terms regarding the completion of a construction project. Common issues include negligence, problems or delays with subcontractors, failure to meet deadlines, zoning restrictions, substituting materials, fraud, and other contract breaches. It is also beneficial to seek out a construction litigation attorney for their expertise when drafting and negotiating construction contracts.

Commercial Foreclosure Litigation Lawyer

Even though they are similar to residential foreclosures, commercial foreclosures refer to instances when a business has defaulted on its loan agreement and is consequently forced out of the property. It is then sold to the highest bidder with the proceeds going to the lender to repay the debt. Look for a commercial foreclosure litigation attorney who has handled cases similar to yours, especially if the case has large amounts of money at stake.

Warren S. Dank, Esq., P.C. is a well-established litigation lawyer in NY with substantial experience in commercial litigation, construction litigation, and commercial foreclosure litigation. If you are seeking advice or representation regarding a litigation issue, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.