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New York City provides tenants with multiple rights that guarantee the quality of their housing and their safety. The tenants must also follow rules that dictate expectations for how they should treat and care for their rentals.

Understanding these laws is essential for the landlords who are unsure about their responsibilities. If additional clarification is necessary, a consultation with a landlord tenant attorney can help you get answers.

Check out this information that dictates what it means to be a tenant in New York.

Laws That Protect Tenants in New York

In 2019, new laws were passed that were designed to protect tenants. Rent laws are enforced by the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR).

These laws protect tenants from unjust evictions and ensure that their rentals remain affordable by providing protections that pertain to rent-stabilized apartments. Laws pertaining to tenants include the following areas:

Security Deposits

Laws governing tenants state the following

  •   Landlords may not charge more than a month of rent for a security deposit
  •   Landlords must return security deposits within 14 days once the tenancy ends

Rent Increases

Some laws stipulate the steps landlords must take if they want to raise rental rates more than five percent or if they don’t want to renew the lease:

  •   30 days of notice is required if the tenant has lived in the rental less than a year and has a lease short than 12 months
  •   60 days’ notice is necessary for tenants who have lived in the apartment for one to two years or if the tenant has a lease term between one and two years
  •   90 days’ notice is needed when tenants have lived in the apartment for two years or more or if the tenant has a lease with a term of two years or more

Early Lease Termination

If a tenant must end their lease early, it’s legally required for landlords to make their strongest efforts to re-rent the property to minimize the damages owed by the tenant.

Consult with a landlord tenant lawyer

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