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In the tenant/landlord relationship, there are numerous situations where legal representation from an experienced lawyer is beneficial. Here are a few ways that a lawyer who understands commercial and residential real estate laws can help you

An Attorney Can Successfully Handle a Case That Involves Illegal Housing Discrimination

Tenants who suspect that they’re being unjustly discriminated against should consult an attorney. The attorney will help you stop the discriminatory behavior and recover damages. Proving discrimination can be tricky, but an experienced lawyer can help you build your case.

On the landlord’s side, if an allegation about illegal housing turns into a lawsuit, you need a lawyer to represent you. Civil penalties related to HUD lawsuits are expensive, and your business and reputation can be permanently damaged.

A Lawyer Can Help with an Undesirable Eviction Case

Some cases of eviction are expected, but if you’re a tenant experiencing illegal eviction, you need legal representation.

Your landlord can’t evict you simply because they don’t like you or violate the terms of your lease. An experienced lawyer understands eviction laws and will let you know if the eviction is unlawful and what you can do to fight it.

If you’re a landlord dealing with a tenant who’s fighting your legal eviction, an attorney will help you minimize the financial effects of the experience.

Your attorney can also assist you with creating and implementing a system to follow when you’re dealing with a non-paying tenant. This allows you to protect your financial interests and your property.

Your Attorney Can Help with a Lease Agreement

A lease agreement is essential for mitigating landlord-tenant problems before they occur. Having a clear contract informs each party about their responsibilities. Your attorney will also answer any questions you have about drafting or signing the agreement.

As local and state laws change, your lawyer will confirm that your lease agreement complies with the new laws.

Contact a Lawyer for Your Commercial and Residential Real Estate Needs

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