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It is common for a real estate business to require assistance with legal issues. Whether your business is renting, owns commercial property, or a complex case involving zoning regulations for a construction project, it’s helpful to consult with a civil litigation lawyer that’s also a commercial real estate attorney. Additional issues could be:

  • Client not paying their lease obligations
  • Various forms of real estate bankruptcy
  • Shopping center and issues with a national chain 

Here, we will discuss what a commercial real estate attorney is and how they can help you. We’ll also explain what civil litigation lawyers can do for you. We will conclude with the reasons it’s best for business owners to use a lawyer that focuses on both commercial real estate and civil litigation.  

What Is a Commercial Real Estate Attorney/Lawyer?

Commercial real estate lawyers have experience assisting business owners with issues that arise through the life cycle of their business such as contract negotiations, lease agreements, title disputes, and zoning laws. An effective commercial real estate attorney will structure your real estate contracts in a way to give you maximum legal protection. Many unforeseen problems may arise during property acquisition through day to day operations, that’s when you need a commercial real estate lawyer that’s also an experienced civil litigation attorney.

What Is a Civil Litigation Attorney/Lawyer?

Civil litigation attorneys protect your interests in court. Unlike criminal matters, civil cases are those brought to litigation for financial damages that have occurred between owners and renters. Civil litigation can also be utilized to stop a party from either cease and desist matters or or to uphold the terms of a signed contract. Some of the most common legal matters of business litigation include but are not limited to are employment law violations, intellectual property issues, and collections of debts.

It’s important to realize that litigation isn’t limited to trials. Litigation has several phases, such as:

  • Initial pleadings
  • Discovery
  • Pre-trial motions
  • Settlement conferences 
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • The trial

An effective civil litigation lawyer will explain each phase to you and keep you informed throughout the process. An experienced civil litigation attorney prepares and fights every case with the ultimate objective of winning at trial. By being so prepared, they aim for the best possible solution for your case.

Work With an Attorney That Meets All Your Business Needs

As a business owner you need to be prepared for any legal matters that may arise during your day to day operations and larger decisions you make in regards to acquisition of property and contracts. Your first step should be to speak with an experienced commercial real estate and civil litigation attorney/lawyer before small disputes turn into large legal matters.

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