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Renting a home is a popular housing option that comes with an assortment of legal obligations for both sides. Using an experienced landlord-tenant lawyer can help all parties avoid contractual disputes, so it’s integral that landlords and tenants consider hiring an attorney when looking over lease paperwork. Ensuring all sides fully understand the agreement can save everyone time, money and litigation via:

  • Disputes on rent or security deposits
  • Evictions
  • Contract loopholes

In this article, we discuss the importance of contract writing and interpretation with an experienced landlord-tenant attorney. We explain how an attorney and well written contracts protect both sides before concluding with the reasons why you need a landlord-tenant lawyer to write your rental contracts.

What is a landlord-tenant lawyer?

A landlord-tenant attorney specializes in both landlord and tenant rights at a local, state and federal level. An experienced landlord-tenant attorney will be able to help landlords and tenants draft rental agreements that adequately protect both sides, effectively leading to better agreements where all parties understand their obligations to one another while receiving legal protection.

How a landlord-tenant lawyer helps both sides

Landlord-tenant lawyers will draft a contract that protects both sides. Benefits of hiring an attorney for contract writing and interpretation include:

  • Avoiding litigation – There’s nothing more stressful than finding oneself in a legal battle. An attorney-drafted rental contract will clearly lay out what both sides are entitled to and responsible for, allowing everyone to avoid costly litigation.
  • No loopholes – Contracts written by one party without legal experience tend to have an assortment of loopholes and loose ends. A landlord-tenant attorney will close any existing loopholes and write a contract that’s complete. 
  • Legal agreement – A lawyer-written contract is much more likely to stand up in court versus one made on a legal help website or by the landlord. Furthermore, an attorney will be able to avoid creating a contract that a judge may declare voidable or illegal. 

As a landlord or tenant, you need to ensure your assets are protected to the full extent of the law. Before you rent out your home, you should speak to an experienced landlord-tenant attorney to draft a contract that protects you and your property. 

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