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In this current age, lawsuits against businesses are occurring at a more frequent pace. Hiring civil litigation attorneys can guard against or entirely defuse legal woes with employees. An attorney can help you navigate state federal laws and avoid legal action. Furthermore, to avoid all of this getting left undetected using eDiscovery companies to log details of business helps to bring forth correct information if anything were to go to court. This service is provided by websites like so that issues get sorted quicker costing less money for the company. Below we discuss the four most common causes for employee/employer disputes.

The most common causes of litigation

Harassment Lawsuit

Harassment can come from a boss, a supervisor, or even a co-worker. Harassment lawsuits can be sexual or non-sexual. One form of non-sexual harassment is bullying or the display of active hostility toward one or more employees. In a harassment lawsuit, the business can be held fully liable or at least partially liable for the damages caused.

To avoid these types of lawsuits, enterprises must conduct a proper background check on employees before hiring them to ensure that they have no criminal records. Enterprises should also have an existing and up-to-date harassment policy that every employee is made aware of. If need be, they can consult with civil litigation attorneys to assist in drafting the policy.

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination lawsuits are generally filed when an employee views his or her termination as inappropriate and lacking reason. To avoid such a lawsuit, employers must prove the termination was necessary. Enterprises can do so by keeping accurate records. These should include copies of signed contractual agreements, employee performance reports, and copies of any sort of punitive measures taken against the employee. Businesses can use these documents to prove the reason for the termination was appropriate. Commercial civil litigation attorneys can assist throughout this process.

Wage Law Violations

Many lawsuits by former employees are based on allegations that the employer violated federal labor laws. Wage and hour lawsuits are often based on claims that the employer failed to pay either the minimum wage or overtime pay. To prevent these types of lawsuits, make sure to implement systems and processes to accurately monitor hours worked by employees.


Discrimination lawsuits are filed as a result of unfair treatment based on race, sex, national origin, color, religion, age, or disability. Businesses can avoid these types of lawsuits by simply not discriminating – intentionally or unintentionally. Businesses must consistently treat all employees equally and not arbitrary. Understand the laws and write policies and protocols with protected classes in mind.

With numerous laws in place offering protection to employees, businesses are more sensitive to lawsuits today than ever before. Enterprises can best circumvent the most common causes of employee litigation by incorporating the help of civil litigation attorneys.