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Signing any legal contract means that you are agreeing to the outlined terms. Failing to adhere to the duties and obligations detailed in the contract can result in legal issues.

Therefore, it is crucial to know exactly what you’re agreeing to before adding your signature on that dotted line. Because once you do, you have no choice but to uphold your end of the bargain as long as they uphold theirs. You would be safest signing a contract reviewed and/or drafted by your civil litigation attorney.

Also, keep in mind that not all contracts require signatures, but legal contracts do. In some instances, verbal contracts are also legally binding.

What it Means to Add Your Signature to a Legal Document

The minute you put your signature on the dotted line…

  • you’re attesting to having read the contract
  • acknowledging that you agree with the terms and conditions stipulated
  • accepting that you’re legally authorized to sign the contract
  • and that you are mentally competent to sign it.

This is why legal contracts require you to fill in all the blank lines to prove that you fully comprehend the terms detailed on the contract. Hence, we recommend that you avoid signing contracts that have unfilled blank spaces, like a date, dollar amount, or other item. Don’t sign a contract if you feel threatened to sign it, if you don’t understand what is in the contract, or if you’d like to review it with your civil litigation attorney first.

Before Signing a Contract

Make sure you are familiar with all the protocols pertaining to the contract signing to make sure the contract is executed promptly. These protocols include: 

  • Final Draft – a properly executed contract must have the final version
  • Signatories – signatory is the representative who is authorized to enter into an agreement or terminate the legally binding contract
  • Copies – both parties should make copies with the original signatures on the contract.
  • Executions – this is the final protocol, both parties have to sign the contract before it’s executed.

Before signing any contract, we recommend having Warren S. Dank present with you to alert you of any loopholes and provide you with sound legal advice.