Construction Attorney NYC: All You Need To Know

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During the construction process, there are a lot of components that go into bringing the project to completion. There are multiple contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, owners, designers, architects, and more that can make the process possible. When you have so many individuals involved in a single project, there are increased chances for needing the expertise of a construction attorney NYC.

One of the benefits of having a construction lawyer is that they have an expert understanding of both the construction process and construction law. An attorney who practices construction law knows and understands all stages, tasks, and machinery, among other small details that make up a construction site.

What does a construction attorney cover?

In order for an attorney to provide specialized services, they must have a comprehensive knowledge of planning, execution, and completion of a construction project. Some of the major areas that a construction attorney covers are:

  • Arbitration
  • Construction Liens
  • Construction Claims
  • Drafting Construction Contracts
  • Delays
  • Bankruptcy
  • Building Permits
  • Davis-Bacon Act, Wage Requirements
  • Environmental Matters in Construction Law
  • Fulfilling Regulations For Non-Discrimination
  • Insurance Issues
  • Labor Issues
  • Licensing Construction Professionals
  • Negotiating Construction Contracts
  • OSHA

How can a construction lawyer help contractors?


When any company or owner hires a construction company for services, they are entering into a binding contract with the contractor. A lawyer can help to ensure that the contract is legally sound, grounded in reasonable expectations, and that it accounts for proper notice requirements and jobsite conditions. Lawyers can provide revisions to existing contracts to protect the contractor.


A construction attorney ensures that the contractor receives full compensation as promised in the written contract between parties. The full compensation paid to the contractor will cover a multitude of associated cost, including labor, equipment, and materials. For any unpaid amount, a construction attorney can help a contractor take civil action to recover any outstanding balance. They can also help to file mechanics liens and claims against a payment bond for both private and public construction projects. For those contractors who have a claim for payment filed against them, an attorney will be able to defend them.

Who needs a construction lawyer?

For anyone who is involved in a public, private, or federal construction project, you can benefit from having a construction attorney on retainer. Having an attorney on retainer will not only protect and represent you in any legal conflicts that may arise during the course of the project, but they can also help to keep you on track with budgets, timelines, and following codes. Lawyers can help to ensure that the jobsite runs at peak efficiency, and is a safe environment for all who are working on the project. A construction attorney will become a key part of your construction team, while becoming familiar with the job site, people, machinery, and contracts all pertaining to the project. A construction attorney will get to know you and your employees, and will know how to protect and defend you, while saving you valuable time, money, and stress.

Who can benefit from having a construction lawyer on retainer?

If you are unsure about whether you need a lawyer to help you with a construction project or not, there are a few instances where having a construction lawyer will prove to be beneficial.

  • Needing a permit
  • Having concerns over environmental regulations
  • Hosting a town meeting
  • Needing to follow local, state, or federal regulations
  • Needing to draft a contract
  • Needing to revise a contract
  • Being in the process of planning, fulfilling, or completing a project
  • Needing legal documents to support project
  • Having concerns about possible lawsuits (filing for them, or having them filed against you)
  • Having disputes between you and your employer
  • Having disputes between you and an employee

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are needing the best construction attorney NYC has, Warren S. Dank, Esq., P.C. is the attorney for you! At Warren S. Dank. Esq., P.C. we have years of experience in negotiating NYC construction laws. We will have your best interest in mind through the whole process, ensuring that you will be accurately represented throughout your entire project, from start to finish. With Warren S. Dank Esq., P.C. and team on your side, you’ve never been in better hands. Contact us today!

Tenants’ Rights: When to Hire a Landlord Tenant Lawyer NYC

Landlord-Tenant Law book

As a housing tenant, the issues that you will face when renting are minor, and can easily be solved through a video tutorial, or reading a quick “how-to” article found online. Other issues that may arise can seriously threaten your ability to continue renting, or impact your enjoyment of your current rental altogether. With these types of situations, hiring a landlord tenant lawyer may be the most effective method to protect your rights as a tenant.

We’ve outlined a guide below to help you determine when you need to hire a landlord tenant lawyer NYC, and what they can do for you.


When your landlord presents you with an eviction notice that you intend to fight, having a lawyer on your side can increase your chances of winning your case. Hire a lawyer that is knowledgeable about landlord-tenant laws, and has experience in fighting eviction cases. Lawyers who have previous experience in fighting eviction cases will have effective strategies and creative solutions for presenting your case in court. This will increase your chances of winning your case, and, more importantly, being able to keep living in your rental.

Eviction Without Following Proper Procedures

As with all legal process, there are specific procedures and documentation that landlords must adhere to when evicting tenants. The specific procedures and documentation required are established by state and local law. If your landlord tries to evict you without going through the proper process, or tries to take matters into their own hands, you need to hire an attorney to protect your rights. The idea of “taking matters into your own hands”, when it comes to the eviction process, is highly illegal. No matter how strong of a case a landlord might think they have, they still do not have the legal right to threaten you, or to take any drastic actions against you as a tenant.


If you believe that your landlord is discriminating against you based on gender, race, etc., you need to hire a lawyer to stop this illegal act, and to recover any damages that you may have accrued as a result. If you believe that you have been discriminated against, you have two options which you can pursue.

First, you can hire an attorney and sue your landlord for discrimination in court.

Second, you can file a complaint with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), or a state or local agency in HUD’s Fair Housing Assistance Program (FHAP). After investigating your claim, if HUD finds reasonable cause, you’ll receive a HUD lawyer to represent you in court, free of charge. If a judge finds your claim to be true, you could be awarded compensation and attorney fees, impose penalties again the landlord, and order other forms of relief to be paid by the landlord.

Neglecting Necessary Repairs

If your landlord isn’t fulfilling the responsibilities listed in your lease, and adhering to local and state laws pertaining to landlord obligations, a lawyer may be necessary. Examples of obligations that landlords are required to maintain for tenants include heating system repairs, replacing broken locks, and repairing windows. If one of these instances occur, you may decide to implement one of your state’s tenant remedies on your own. Before solving the problem by yourself, consult a lawyer to learn what your best move will be. A lawyer will be able to communicate with the landlord, exploring the possibility of a quick settlement, or ultimately taking your landlord to court if necessary.

Failure to Fulfill Promises

When signing your lease, your landlord could potentially make promises to encourage renting. For example, if an applicant is concerned about security in the neighborhood, a landlord may promise to install new locks on the doors, or update security systems. If an applicant is concerned with parking security, a landlord may promise to hire a security company to patrol the parking lot every day. After moving in, if the landlord refuses to keep the promises made, you should consider hiring an attorney to write a letter threatening a lawsuit unless the landlord complies with the promises originally made

Property Damage Due to Neglectful Maintenance

Sometimes, when a landlord attempts to do all maintenance and repairs themselves, they aren’t always sure what they are doing or how to do it correctly. Faulty wiring could result in an electrical fire, damaging your furniture and other personal belongings. If you have renter’s insurance, your insurance company will cover the loss, and their attorneys will then go after your landlord for reimbursement. What happens if you have inadequate insurance coverage, or no insurance at all? Consider hiring an attorney to help you obtain reimbursement for damage from your landlord.

Hire a Landlord Tenant Attorney

If you find yourself in a situation where you are needing to hire a landlord tenant lawyer NYC, Warren S. Dank, ESQ., P.C. is the law firm for you. With years of experience in protecting tenants’ rights, we know how to get you the justice you deserve, without giving in to illegal landlord demands. Trust Warren S. Dank, ESQ., P.C. to have your best interest in mind when going to battle against a neglectful landlord. Ensure that your rights are protected, and that your best interest and quality of living are put first! Contact the law firm of Warren S. Dank, ESQ., P.C. today to learn how we can help you with your landlord tenant case in NYC.

Why You need a NYC Real Estate Attorney

NYC Real Estate Attorney

Purchasing real estate is one of the largest financial investments that you can make. Whether it be a home for you and your family to live in or you’re a real estate investor looking to purchase rental property in New York City, having an experienced NYC real estate attorney to help you through the purchase process may prove to be very beneficial. By having someone on your side who knows what to do in any situation relating to real estate will definitely work in your favour. In an industry like real estate, they’ll understandably be questions like how to sell a promissory note that I’m sure you would like the know the answer to. But with a little research and asking the right questions, you’ll at least come to terms with the basics of real estate. Many individuals who are looking to purchase real estate often find themselves asking: “Do I need to hire an attorney”? The simple answer is, it does not hurt to have a conversation with an attorney so if the need does arise your attorney will already be up to speed and ready to help.

Even if you think your transaction is a simple one of purchasing the property, where you and the seller both have a real estate agent working for you and help you to find the perfect home from somewhere like these summerville, sc real estate listings as well as elsewhere. Your agent will have your best interest in mind, but having an attorney can protect you and your interest by looking at things from a legal perspective. In most cases, you won’t need to have your attorney step up to bat for you, but there are a few unique situations where having an attorney ready to go will help to protect your best interests.

For Sale by Owner

Most home owners opt to sell their home themselves rather than having to pay for a real estate agent to do it for them. While this might be an attractive alternative, there are some potential risk involved that you might not be aware of. If you decide to sell your home For Sale by Owner (FSBO), it is advisable that you contact a reputable real estate attorney prior to placing your home on the market. A real estate attorney will be able to review any purchase offers that come in from potential buyers. While this may seem like a simple document to review yourself, usually offering a specific amount of money to purchase the home, but once signed by both the buyer and seller it becomes a legally binding contract.

Failure to include crucial details or language into a FSBO purchase offer can be setting yourself up for significant failure. Important details that need to be included in a purchase offer include: home inspections, and appraisal requirements. A licensed real estate agent will have all the contingencies included in their board approved paper work, where as a homeowner trying to replicate one to save money and not advised by real estate agents or attorneys could potentially be missing this vital information from the purchase agreement.

Purchasing real estate has many legal ramification associated with it. If your documents are not written in the required language that is required by local laws you could potentially find yourself in an unpleasant situation. When creating a purchase offer without consulting a real estate attorney, most sellers miss crucial language that could result in finding yourself in a contract to purchase a property that you have discovered has serious issues. At this point, you have two options, continue with the purchase or don’t close the deal. By opting to not close on the deal, the seller could sue you for breach of contract. By sitting down with a reputable New York real estate attorney beforehand, your attorney can draw up a properly prepared purchase offer that protects you in the event that there is something wrong with the property or with the purchase process.


Another instance when having a real estate attorney is advised is when real estate owners are going through a divorce. While divorce may or may not be a complicated process, when real estate is involved it gets really complicated. If there is equity in the property, or if both spouses are on the mortgage there is a greater need to have a real estate attorney to assist in the process and represent each spouse’s best interest. It is recommended that each spouse has their own legal representation to ensure that their interest and needs are adequately protected throughout the process. Having a real estate attorney by your side throughout the proceedings can help you to rest easier knowing that someone who has your best interest in mind is looking out for you.

Post-Sale Problems

After purchasing real estate, you’re likely to discover the little quirks and problems that each property has. While some of these issues are easily handled, and are considered to be routine problems associated with ownership; other problems are more serious and should have been disclosed during the purchasing of the property. Failure to disclose known problems to the new owners, may be grounds for a lawsuit.

In order for there to be a lawsuit, the facts and circumstances surrounding the undisclosed information regarding the property problems will need to be explored to determine if there is a legal liability on the sellers’ behalf. This applies to issues with the property that the buyer could not know about, and would not be able to learn of at the time of the purchase. Therefore, the seller has an obligation to disclose any information that they have, if they know about the issue, to the buyer. Failure to disclose information that can impact the value of the property means that the buyer can sue the seller.

Information that should be disclosed to potential buyers includes; mold contamination, water damage issues, foundation ad structural issues, roof issues, and more. For major problems the seller has an obligation to disclose this information to potential buyers, choosing not to disclose this information may leave the seller liable for lack of disclosure. If taken to court, a judge may order punitive damages be paid by the seller for their failure to disclose information. Worst case scenario, a court could undo the purchase transaction and force the seller to take back possession of the property and return all money from the sell back to the buyers.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Commercial real estate transactions include selling, buying, or leasing of commercial space. The protections afforded sellers, buyers, and tenants of commercial real estate are significantly less compared to those of residential real estate. When dealing with commercial real estate transactions it is advised to have a real estate attorney review leases or purchase agreements prior to signing. This can help to ensure that you are not unknowingly becoming responsible for more than you initially thought, or unknowingly giving up rights.

Establishing a relationship with a real estate attorney prior to finding yourself in a situation where one is needed is crucial. This pre-established relationship ensures that when the need for a quick legal review due to tight time frames arises your attorney will already be familiar with the you and your needs. This allows for your attorney to be able to provide you with valuable input and advice quickly to meet the established time frame. Whereas, if you wait to hire a real estate attorney until you need one, you won’t be guaranteed the preferential treatment that established clients receive, therefore, risk not meeting the deadline due to an attorney not being familiar with the client or transaction.

Purchasing or selling real estate involves large sums of money, which is why it is a good practice to involve and discuss your plans with a reputable real estate attorney prior to entering a purchase agreement. By establishing a relationship with a real estate attorney before the need arises can ensure that your attorney knows your goals and can step in at a moment’s notice. The law firm of Warren S. Dank, ESQ., P.C. are experienced NYC real estate attorneys who are committed to helping each of our clients have a successful experience with the transition of real estate. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or lease real estate in New York City, consider Warren S. Dank, ESQ., P.C. to help you navigate every step of the process. Contact the law firm of Warren S. Dank, ESQ., P.C. today to learn how we can help you have a successful real estate transaction, without the stress and worry of doing it yourself.

The Importance of the Franchise Disclosure Agreement from a Long Island Franchise Attorney

The bedrock of any franchise is the FDD or franchise disclosure agreement. This agreement is a 150 to 200 page document in which every detail and stipulation concerning owning a franchise is set forth. In addition to standard rules laid down by the state governing body, there are federal regulations set in place by the Federal Trade Commission or FTC. Then comes the key legal document from your chosen franchiser that you sign. These are complex documents with a knack for burying information that can come back to haunt the franchise owner. If not properly vetted through an experienced professional, you are risking serious financial losses and hardships.

The trust you have in your parent company and its sales reps should only go so far. If you ask a Long Island franchise lawyer, they will tell you that the number of people who fail to read their contracts is astounding. It would seem logical that someone who is prepared to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in something as significant as a franchise would read their contract. But, surprisingly, this just isn’t the case.

The technical elements of this document are of significant importance, and admitting that you do not have the legal expertise to understand it all is an important first step to take. Franchise attorneys have most likely written multiple documents similar to the ones you are presenting to them. They can and will help educate you on the key provisions you are about to legally bind yourself to. Even if there are no hidden clauses or surprise fees, having a clear understanding of how your parent organization legally requires you to run your business is of vital importance to your success.

In 2009, Mr. Hailemariam’s franchise ran into financial difficulties, and he was forced to close down. In light of this, he filed a case against Big O Tires in the state of California, alleging that the franchiser fraudulently misled him into purchasing his franchise. He stated that Big O Tires falsely told him that he did not need experience to operate a tire store; provided exaggerated earnings claims; concealed failing franchises from him; and told him they would sell him tires at a competitive rate, when, in reality, tires could be purchased at lower prices.

In total there were six grievances, and the court sided with Big O Tires on all of them after their lawyers were able to highlight explanations to each of Mr. Hailemariam’s grievances within his franchise contract. The court took particular notice of the fact that Mr. Hailemariam had taken considerable time to negotiate the terms of his franchise with Big O Tires in which he utilized legal counsel. In all that time he had still not read the franchise contract itself. Considerable weight was given to an integration clause in the franchise agreement which stated that “[he] was not relying on any promises of Big O which [were] not contained in the Big O franchise agreement . . . [or the] accompanying Franchise Offering Circular.”

Every franchise owner who has had a disagreement with their franchiser will tell you that understanding the legal documents you sign your name to is of absolute importance. Warren S. Dank, in addition to being a New York construction attorney and a New York real estate attorney, has years of experience helping people avoid the hazards of franchise ownership in Long Island. His expertise and services allow people to make confident investments in their business by understanding exactly what their relationship is with their franchiser. It is peace of mind and good business that allows his clients to avoid dangerous hazards. For investments as significant as a franchise, his services should be considered vital.



The Benefits of an Experienced Long Island Real Estate Attorney

When taking into consideration the fundamental gains and potential losses of both a buyer and a seller, it is important to note that both parties have different objectives when entering into a binding transaction contract. A real estate purchase contract (REPC) or purchase agreement is the most important document corresponding to the transaction. A quality contract should reflect the best interest of both parties, and ensure that all potential problems, critical to the success of the transaction, are mitigated and handled before a conflict arises. At the law offices of Warren S. Dank, ESQ., P.C., we specialize in ensuring you are protected in every transaction, whether you are the buyer or the seller.

A strong, well drafted agreement provides protection needed to anticipate and minimize any risks involved in buying or selling real estate. Warren S. Dank has the background and experience necessary to negotiate, and draft a strong purchase contract with the intent to protect his client’s best interest, their financial investment, down payment, and lessen the overall risk.

Although the availability of a standard New York Real Estate contract is readily available to the public, the format does not include personalized nuances of any specific transaction. Although Realtor’s play a critical role in helping to locate or market a property, their acting capacity is limited and they are not allowed to offer legal advice or protection. Only an accredited and experienced real estate attorney will have the knowledge and oversite to anticipate, mitigate, and manage any issue that may arise in the drafting and negotiation phase of the contract.

Some issues that may arise include but are not limited to:

Abatement and easement concerns

Negligent loss of the down payment

Agent/Broker Comingling

Underground storage tanks

Death of the purchaser prior to closing

Water Rights

Because property transactions carry one of the largest financial impacts in one’s lifetime, it’s imperative to protect that investment and your overall best interest by contacting an experienced and skilled Long Island Real Estate Attorney such as Warren S. Dank, ESQ., P.C.

Attorney Warren S. Dank, ESQ., P.C. is licensed to practice in New York, and has extensive experience in handling real estate contracts.

Contact a Skilled Long Island Real Estate Attorney

Our services can help to protect your interests, and save you time and money.

To discuss your real estate issue with an experienced Long Island real estate lawyer call 516.364.2469 or e-mail us.

Construction Lawyers: Why And How?

Have You Decided to Hire a Construction Lawyer?

Taking the burden off of your shoulders, a quality construction attorney will prove to be a worthwhile investment. However, determining who to hire, is not always as simple as finding a framed certificate hanging on a wall. Because there are thousands of construction lawyers in NYC, it is imperative you identify the correct one for your needs.

Personal and business referrals will often give you great insight into the practices and business ideology. Speak to locals who have used the services of your prospective attorney. In short order you will have a proven resume for reference.

The director of your state or local chamber of commerce may be a good  source of construction lawyers. In addition, a law library can help identify authors in your state who have written books or articles that are relevant to your needs- for example, construction law.

The director of a non-profit group who is interested in the subject matter that initiated your lawsuit is sure to know of reputable lawyers in that area. For example, if your dispute involves trying to inhibit a new subdivision, it would make sense to consult an environmental group committed to urban sprawl issues.

You should choose the one who is competent, who understands the market, and who can negotiate the right deal on your behalf. Evaluating educational credential is a place to start, but proven track record will be tangible evidence.

Since construction laws are changing, it is very important to look for one who is familiar with the nuances and are actively practicing. His ideas, suggestions and advice should be something that will add to your business or property.

As in all aspects of quality, price is often a determining factor. But it’s important to keep in mind the quality of research and time allocated to a case prior to any negotiations. High quality attorneys will give advanced notice of this spend, and keep you the expense in concise parameters after evaluating the case.

Real Estate Lawyers Understand Property Better Than You!

So you wish to become a property owner, that’s good. It’s good for you; after all, it’s the biggest financial investment one ever makes. Since it is the biggest financial decision, it requires proper guidance from some long island real estate lawyer too. Only a good real estate lawyer of long island can get you through this mammoth task.

So, to put things simple, here are some points that we have jotted down which will help you understand that why hiring a real estate lawyer in long island can be beneficial.

  1. A real estate lawyer understands market more than you. He will help you purchase the home at the right price and at the right interest. He is also well acquainted with property prices and few financial terminologies like bear and bull market. This knowledge will help you settle with the right deal.
  2. Secondly, a good real estate lawyer helps during the payment. The method of payment is made up of two modes- deposit and loan. Real estate lawyers guide the right mode of payment. They are masters in putting vision into reality which means they help one arrange funds at the cheapest rate.
  3. There is glut of homes in real estate market. With that said, anyone can make a fool out of you by selling you some odd, not-so-good property. A real estate lawyer helps to find a good property whose price can appreciate in the coming years.

Bearing these simple reasons in your mind while purchasing a real estate will make your decision fruitful.

Guidelines For Searching And Hiring A Landlord-Tenant Lawyer

Managing a rental property is not an easy task. All the activities; from drafting lease agreement to documenting the eviction, need a Landlord-Tenant legal representative who can provide expertise in this field.

It’s a tricky job to search for and hire an expert Landlord-Tenant lawyer in Long Island and therefore here are few tips to be followed while doing the same:

While searching for an appropriate Landlord-Tenant attorney always take the help of directory websites, state business or real estate magazines, which would help to get information about many such lawyers and eventually the customer, will have more options to choose from. Moreover, one can always use the reference of another lawyer or expert in the same field in order to find the right representative for the property.

When finalizing a Landlord-Tenant Lawyer in Long Island always make sure to fix an appointment with them and also keep 2-3 options in hand. Visit all the short-listed lawyers, ask all the questions and details, be fully satisfied and also don’t forget to confirm the fee details and the billing procedures. Later on, you can compare your meetings with the short-listed attorneys and take the final decision.

After all, said and done, if the landlord faces any kind of legal issue like being investigated for illegal discrimination, sued for injury, sued for damage of the property, fighting a slander or any such case which could require legal assistance he/she should not delay in consulting his/her lawyer so that the required course of action can be taken up in short time.

So now, by following the above-mentioned tips anyone can efficiently hire a Landlord-Tenant Lawyer in Long Island and get all kind of legal assistance required.

Before Selling Or Buying, Call Up Your Commercial And Residential Real Estate Attorney

Commercial and residential real estate properties are in absolute demand in any urban place, be it New York or Washington DC. With the overflow of population into urban centers in search of work and life, these properties are becoming rare to find and can be most closely defined as a ‘prized catch’. Everyone wants a piece out of this pie. Be it for residential purpose or commercial, everyone wants to lease/ own a piece of land in these urban centers.

More than the challenge of finding a place as per your requirements, the bigger challenge lies in the legit transaction of the lease/ the sale. When one is leasing/ buying from a stranger or leasing out/ selling to a stranger and when there is a large amount of money involved or the safety of the property involved, it is not easy to trust or be sure. Especially with the kind of fraud incidents being reported every day, one feels helpless and clueless about the lease or the sale.

What is the solution?

A commercial and residential real estate lawyer! Yes, legal help for legal transactions. A legal expert in the area can take care of all the forms, drafting of agreements, legal stamping of the agreements and help close the deal legally. The legal expert helps in securing the rights of both the seller and the buyer and ensures that all the legal requirements are met.

How to choose an expert?

There are many commercial and residential real estate lawyers who deal with the lease/ sale of properties ranging from a condo to a store. A Google search with the area name or recommendations from friends and neighbors can help a lot. Read a lot of reviews before hiring a specialist. Law firms like Warren S. Dank, Esq., P.C. in NYC, have been dealing exclusively with these types of litigations and their expertise in the area is something their clients can vouch for.

Why You Really Need A Civil & Construction Litigation Lawyer

Though we try to avoid falling in legal situations, there are times in life when we are thrown into it. Litigation is such a law area where the lawyer has to be an expert in some particular field. When hiring your lawyer, you have to inquire whether the lawyer you select, has the requisite experience or not. Civil and Construction Litigation, for example, deal with cases related to landlord and tenant, fraud, breach of contract, partnership dispute, consumer protection, construction issues like design defect, construction defect, project delays etc.

What does the litigation lawyer do for you?

Your litigation lawyer has the requisite license for taking your lawsuit through the stringent procedures of the court of law. Sometimes the case is even sorted out through mediation and out-of-court settlement under the supervision of the lawyer. These are completely grey areas for the common people and it is wise to depend solely on the lawyers.

Your lawyer will take care of all the things from start to finish. He will have the initial assessment and scan through the evidences for or against you. He will interview the witnesses, make requisite documents, have all the required forms and investigate the case collecting all the facts and figures.

After fully preparing the various aspects of the case he will file the suit in the court of law. He will argue and defend the case on behalf of you in the court of law. Finally, your lawyer will get you the prized favor.

Whom to hire?

Many law firms boast of the expertise in the civil and construction litigation area and these are the ones you should look for, when in a legal entangle concerning real estate and/ or construction. Firms like Warren S. Dank, Esq., P.C. are highly recommended for their expertise and an excellent track record in this area.